*日産アートアワード インタビュー

「浸食す 9.1 19 29 10.3 11.7 8 13」

朝起きる お寺の影日の当らない窓 羽抜ける布団から抜け カビ臭い部屋を出る
風 サラリーマンとホームレスの間あるき 関内駅と横浜スタジアムを越え 空の
高いエリアへ 風 官庁と石の建物 眠る呑み屋街 馬車道 
BankART出入りする人々さまざまな声と感情 雑音作業音ギター音 汽笛 鐘 
入り混じり乱れ 溢れたインクがじわじわ布を染めてゆくよに私を襲う

私は私を繋ぎ止めるため  針を握りしめ糸や日々出逢ったあらゆる物 欠けた自分
の歯まで縫い付け 爪を喰い込ませ文字を描き この空間に自己の痕跡を滲み刻む
23時ぎりぎり制作を終え 針を置き 空の拡い世界から狭い世界へ戻り
  羽抜け布団に包まりまぶた閉じ 朝が来・・・・・・
74日間 繰り返され 
縫い目は文字は連なり道になり やがて私の細胞の糸の雨降らせる

私は私でなくなり この空間をめぐりさまよう
さながら 碇の外れた 船のよう


EROSION 9/1 19 29 10/3 11/7 8 13

Wake up - Shadowy window, shaded by a temple -
Slipping out from the duvet as its feathers fall away - Exit the moldy room -
Whirlwind - Trudge between the office workers and the homeless -
Pass the Kannai Station and the Yokohama Stadium - To an area where the sky’s high -
Whirlwind - Government offices and stone buildings
Sleeping bar district - Bashamichi
BankART - Various voices and emotions of people going in and out -
Hustle and bustle and guitar sounds - Steam-whistle - Chime -
Intermingled and disturbed –
It attacks me as if a cloth is gradually dyed with overflowing ink.

To secure myself, I clench a needle, sew on strings and various things I encounter daily,
even my chipped tooth.
Marking words with nails digging in, I imbue my traces in the space.
As if a spider spreads its thread.

Just before 11PM, I finish working. Rest the needle - Return to a cramped world from
a world of spacious sky - Tuck myself up in a loose-feathered duvet, close my eyes -
74 days Repetition.
Stitches and words line up, becoming a passage.
Threads of my cell eventually rains down.

Gradually, bit by bit, inch by inch, fading away.
I become no longer me, drifting around the space.
As though a ship, detached from an anchor.

11/24 /2015
Sayaka Akiyama